Pocket Change Rewards System for Android Devices

**Update: Pocket Change app now has a new layout with a menu button at the top left of screen. The shop now lists items with large thumbnails which may make it tedious to scroll down to the more expensive items.


Hello peoples! Today we will be looking at the Pocket Change (Pc) rewards system for Android devices. In short, Pocket Change is a loyalty rewards system that gives developers the chance to get more people downloading their app, while the end user (you) can earn “tokens” worth 1 cent per token (Pocket Change!) which can be redeemed for free stuff! All you have to do is download and use the apps with Pocket Change integrated into them to earn the rewards. That seems pretty easy, and it doesn’t take up much of your time to open an app.

So, now you may be interested to know, how do I start earning? Well, the first thing you should do is search for the Pocket Change app in the Google Play store. Download and install it to your phone (or tablet). Now you can open the Pocket Change app to earn your first 10 tokens! You may notice that the app will ask you for an email address to create an account. This is to keep track of the tokens you’ve earnt so you can redeem them in the Pc store later on. Android devices by nature require you to have an email address, so this step should be easy.


You should now see the “Store” tab on your screen. This is the list of available items you can redeem your tokens for. The tokens required to redeem said item is shown on the right next to the listing. Click on the item to see more information. Items which are greyed out mean you need more tokens before you can redeem them! You can still click on it to view information. Note that if you press the “back” button on your Android, the Pc app will close. There is a back button in the top left area of the screen which will take you back to the last page.

There are three additional tabs you may like to look at, namely “Activity”, “Earn” and “Account”. The “Activity” tab lists all tokens you earn from Pc integrated apps. For some reason it doesn’t show tokens you receive from the Pocket Change app itself!

The “Earn” tab shows you more ways to earn tokens. For those of you who are new to Pc, you will be able to earn 99 tokens by connecting your FaceBook account. You can earn a further 10 tokens by “liking” the Pocket Change FaceBook page. You will always be shown the “Enter Promo Code” option, where you can enter special codes to receive even more tokens. These “Promo Codes” come up every so often and are listed on Pocket Change’s Wall, so it is a good idea to check on their FaceBook page even if you don’t have a FaceBook account!

Finally, the “Account” tab just shows you your account details, where you can change your name or add a profile picture. It also shows you the amount of tokens you have, which is also shown to you when you are in the “Store” tab, for obvious reasons.

The Pocket Change “Pc” symbol is easy to spot in your apps list and within games:


I want to earn more tokens! Which apps can I download to earn more tokens? There are quite a few apps integrated with the Pc rewards system, although the Pocket Change developers seem reluctant to make a list of said apps. Maybe they are just lazy…he he! Note that some apps will reward you automatically whereas other I believe you have to click the Pc icon inside the app. The apps I have are listed below:

Pocket Change: This one’s fairly obvious, just open it once a day for 10 tokens.

Boost 2 Lite: Cool tunnel racer that uses the accelerometer on your device. Play it daily for 10 tokens.

Kamikaze Race: Simple slot “racer” where you dodge cars in lanes of traffic as your car picks up speed until you crash. Daily reward is 10 tokens (as are most of the daily rewards). Ads shown on main screen.

Quadris: Shape drawing, row clearing puzzle game. Sort of like Tetris but you have unlimited time to draw in the shapes to clear as many rows as you can. I’ve only cleared something like 6 rows in a single game which is kind of embarrassing…You can earn rewards via “Events”, which in this game is just playing 3, 10, 25 and 50 games. This earns you 5, 5, 10 and 15 tokens respectively. I think it resets every so often or if you reach 50 games, then it resets daily. It will also reward you daily with 10 tokens if you haven’t reached the 30 token limit. Ads shown at bottom of screen which can be removed by downloading “Quadris Puzzles” (which doesn’t have Pc).

Simple Hangman: English and Spanish versions of the classic “hangman” game where incorrect guesses start the hangman drawing from the head. Admittedly I haven’t discovered what the “Event” is for this game; I assume it is completing a certain number of games or winning a certain number of games.

Switch: Interestingly, this game is kind of like a cross between Kamikaze Race and Boost 2. You “race” a triangle rocket on four lanes, dodging barriers and enemy ships as you speed up. The 3D track will often tilt to make things more difficult, although you can get around this by just rotating your phone! This game gives the daily reward of 10 tokens.

Now, before you start searching for and downloading every app with Pc you can find, be aware that they have now limited the daily rewards to 30 tokens per day! Apparently it used to be unlimited so people were getting many many tokens per day. So far it seems that tokens earned by “Events” have no limit. Of course, you would waste quite a bit of time playing 50 games of Quadris per day, and the current selection of apps with Events is small.

You also used to be able to redeem, or “purchase”, Amazon mp3 albums and e-books and convert them to Amazon credits. Often you would get more Amazon credits than what the Pc store valued them at. It seems that the mp3’s and e-books have mysteriously disappeared from the store…

Now that Pocket Change is “regulated”, you won’t be getting lots of free stuff quickly, given that the 30 token daily rewards limit is worth 30c. You can redeem tokens for items within other apps, however, if you would like something more worthwhile such as a gift card or technology, you will have to wait for almost a year to save up enough tokens to redeem for your wanted item. Personally I think there should be more options in the $10 -$50 (1000 – 5000 tokens) range, as currently you can get “500 Coins” for “Slot Machine” with 299 tokens or the next item, which is a Google Play store gift card, is 10,000 tokens! I also think they should change the “per 24 hours” restriction to a “per day” restriction, so that you don’t have to open your apps a few minutes (or hours if you forget!) later each day.

Overall, Pocket Change is a nice idea to get more people interested in a developer’s app, and can potentially earn you a nice little gift at the end of the year. Due to the small amount of tokens you are limited to daily, some of you may not think it is worth it to have all these extra apps on your phone or tablet just so you can earn 30c per day. For those of you who would download all the Pc apps if there was no daily limit, or if you play games on the train or bus, etc. then this system may be great for you. The possibility of more tokens beckons as more Event driven Pc apps emerge, however you would have to ask how much of your time is worth it. The daily rewards are easy, the Events take a lot longer in some cases.

At the time of this posting, I have accrued almost 1,100 tokens, about a month and a half earnings! I’d love to get one of the 30,000 token items, but by the time I reach that amount of tokens, the item’s value will be so much less…

I hope you found this post informative or interesting! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

Take care guys,

Rennie ♪

Other apps with Pc (sourced from internet and untested): Candy Monster (has push ads, have to download another app to disable them), BeHappy! Free, Let’s Break Stuff!, Skydiver Drop Zone, Mortal SKies 2, Tiny Jewels, The Enchanted Kingdom, Fruit Blitz, DragoPet, Scrubs Free: Hidden Object, Stand o Burger – Cooking Mania, Origami Rose: Super Plant, Origami Sunflower: Super Plant, Parking School, Gnarbike Trials

Update:  Kidga have added Pc Events to more of their games, namely Quazzle and Pentas. Effectively these games are very similar to Quadris aside from different rules and number of blocks in a shape.

Update 2: There are new games that give rewards, and also, the layout has changed. You now see your activity under the “Profile” Tab. There is a new tab called “More Apps”. As the name suggests, it shows a small list of apps, some of which offer Pocket Change rewards.

I’ve downloaded Jewels, which is your typical match 3 Jewels game, that gives a daily reward plus extra for finishing a certain amount of games. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to reward me again for the “number of games” once I already have received those awards. Re-installing the game lets you eran again, but you have to consider the download. Another app that does reward each day for events is “Crack your screen” and “Rim Blade”. Crack your screen is a prank app that pretends your phone screen is cracked when shaken or after a set time has elapsed. You get extra rewards for “cracking your screen” a certain number of times, i.e. 5, 10, 25, 75. Rim Blade is a top down space shooter that awards you for playing 1, 2, 3, 10, 25 times per day.

It seems you have to perform the number of plays within the same session, without closing the app or switching to a different screen, at least that seems to be something that happens with my phone. Good luck with earning and don’t forget to check the FaceBook page for codes!


9 responses to “Pocket Change Rewards System for Android Devices

  1. I also am locked out with 1840 in rewards. It won’t add any new rewards nor let me cash in the ones I have earned. Does anyone know of any other games that offer rewards?

  2. I also am locked out with 1840 in rewards. It won’t add any new rewards nor let me cash in the ones I have earned.

  3. I’ve actually stopped using it even though I had $66 worth. Not sure if they have stopped or not, all the cheap items seem to be gone.

  4. The same of Mandi its happens to me. No more rewards from Pocket Change…? Its the Pocket Change rewards off?

  5. I have over 15,000 tokens and last week it just stopped letting me earn them. I can still earn them on my partners account which only has 800 tokens…what is up? They shut down their facebook page and will not respond to emails. If anyone has any idea email me. Live4real928@aol.com

  6. On the jewels game just go into settings then applications then manage apps the scroll to jewels app then clear data. do this each day before playing the games. also to collect the pc faster in jewels… click new game then select game then select abandon game . do this continously til the 30 games are done takes me usually 2 mins tops…

  7. I started in December and have 3474 tokens, which is around $34.74 in “real money” depending on what price the store gives. Mostly I just get the daily rewards, but sometimes I do get event driven rewards by playing a game, or extra tokens from the codes given at the FaceBook page. If you can get into the habit of just opening 3 apps every 25 hours, you’ll get a nice $100-$150 at the end of the year depending on how many extra tokens you earn. If you’re really into it, and reach the 130 tokens per day, then you will get quite a nice amount 🙂

    I use the Pocket Change app, Quazzle and Quadris for the daily rewards, since they take a short time to open and close. Sometimes you have to open them twice or start a new game a few times just to get it to register 🙂

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