Random Pick of the Day

A picture of the Cataract Gorge looking downstream from the little concrete walkway across the exit of the First Basin. This picture was taken during the afternoon of a nice Summer’s day. The Cataract Gorge is located near/in Launceston, Tasmania.Image

There’s many things you can do in the area of Cataract Gorge – there are numerous walks, sightseeing activities including cable chairlift (457m), a suspension bridge, and a recreation area including restaurant/cafe, playground, freshwater pool, or, if you are feeling bolder you can swim in the First Basin or in the gorge/river itself. You should check that there is/has been no heavy rains recently or that Hydro isn’t planning to release water from the dam upstream, or you could be washed away!

The depth of the water in the First Basin was apparently measured in 2011 and is 19m. This may scare some people, however, if you swim in over 2m of water, it makes no difference as you still can’t stand up in it!

I did edit this picture slightly to make it look “nicer” since my phone camera tends to wash out colours and doesn’t have as much dynamic range as a “proper” camera.

Take care guys,

Rennie ♪

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