The K&D Folding Clamping Workbench


Here in Tasmania, we have a hardware store called “K&D Warehouse”, which is like Mitre 10 or Bunnings if you’re in Australia, if you’re in America you may know similar chains like Lowes or Harbour Freight etc. I stumbled across this little workbench, apparently K&D’s own brand. It is foldable for easy storage and you can adjust the two wooden work surfaces to suit the piece you are working on. Furthermore, you have four plastic insertable blocks to clamp to odd shapes.


It comes packed in a long, thin box, so some assembly is required, however it isn’t very complicated. The bolts holding the top members with the yellow handles to the frame should be loose enough to allow rotation, otherwise you won’t be able to fold the bench back up! The nuts have a nylon lock bushing, so they won’t undo due to vibrations or joint rotation.


The bench folds away for easy storage.

It won’t replace having a real workbench, however it does very well for the little projects I do and in the small space of my backyard 🙂 It could be a little rickety if large or bulky items are to be worked on, however, I think they may make interesting “work horses” if you had a pair of them. The little blocks could be used to stop your workpiece sliding off, which happens sometimes if you are sawing or using vibrating power tools.

Given that the one I have will be exclusive to K&D Warehouse which is only in Tasmania, any other similar item will be different, although I expect there must be other variations of these things around the world 🙂 They’re fairly cheap at under $20, so you may like to look for one of these if you have limited space and no workshop, but would like to work on a project.

Take care guys,

Rennie ♪

Edit: Some of my pics don’t show the clamping blocks on the device, since I didn’t have a use for them on my current project.

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