Random Pick of the Day


The place I stay at has one of those hand-push mowers – the ones that get stopped by a fallen fruit, grass twisting up in the mechanism, etc… Anyway, this one in particular had another problem – the height adjustment pegs, which are just pieces of plastic that drag along the ground, were broken. One had snapped of at half height, the other was useless as it snapped off at the base. Needless to say, this made the mower catch on every single bump in the backyard.

It just so happened that I saw a piece of scrap wood lying around that was the perfect size to do a hack job of replacing the broken pegs. I cut it in half, drilled a few holes and inserted them in place of the old pegs. The wood was even the right thickness to fit perfectly! The ruined pegs now have a home in the random pile of stuff next to the shed.

Ajusting the cutting height now requires a screwdriver to retract the screw, however the yard isn’t neat enough to require multiple cuts or areas of different grass lengths… The mower still gets stopped by fallen fruit and twisted grass, however it should get the job done for now 🙂


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