Random Pick of the Day


Do you like to put your computer on standby almost every night? Perhaps you are one of those people that has a million different tabs open at once in their internet browser? Maybe you like to play games and have 10 folders open at once on top of the internet? You could be like me and do all of this with only 1GB of RAM, remembering that some is used for the operating system…and so the computer begins to do some weird things.

Side bars vanish, icons lose their image and revert to the “unknown” look. Title bars and the start bar only show in areas that you click. Content in different apps show in random areas of the screen and of course, everything takes an age to load. At least you can draw over the background mess with the current window while you wait for the content inside to finally show up!

I think it is time for me to upgrade the RAM on my desktop PC. My laptop had 1GB of RAM which I upgraded to 4GB. The difference was great! The computer cruises through any of my internet sessions now, and it’s only a Core2Duo 1.6GHz with Intel Integrated graphics. I’m sure my desktop would appreciate 4GB of RAM as well 😉

So, it is good to turn your computer off sometimes.  It’s tempting to just close the lid on the laptop or to push that standby button on your desktop PC, however, a restart is good for the system in most cases. I’m sure a new 64bit 8-core 4GHz system with 16GB of RAM with a Solid State drive for the OS could last for months without issue, but that’s another topic 🙂

Take care guys,

Rennie ♪

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