Volvo 240 – DIY Windscreen Washer Reservoir


The Volvo 240 normally comes with a large tank for holding the water that is used to wash the windscreen. The large capacity is fine if you live in dusty areas or constantly have dirt on your windscreen, or if you don’t want to fill the tank more than once in a year. It does, however, take up some space in the engine bay and also isn’t very pretty…

This “new and improved” tank is smaller and weighs considerably less than the old tank + steel bracket. It is made from a PP fruit container tied to a plastic bracket using cotton rope. The pump (which has a new colour!) is slotted in between the rope and is quite snug. The green lid would probably look better in blue, but I don’t know how well spray paint would stick to the polypropylene plastic, as it seems to resist things sticking to it – i.e. glue.

Given that I haven’t used enough water to empty the old tank in over a year, I suspect the 1 litre container should be adequate for my needs 🙂 Fuel efficiency and handling will be improved by a minescule amount that probably isn’t noticeable by itself, but every little bit adds up!

Rennie ♪

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