My Gaia Online Aquarium…

After receiving this “Gaia Online” leaflet every time I go to an anime convention, I decided to check it out. It seems fairly interesting as there are plenty of things to do, except I have to wait for 3 days to use some of the features… :/ One of the things I can do at the moment is play with my Aquarium. Basically it is a virutal fish tank – you are supposed to feed the fish each day, add decorations, buy new fish/decorations and you can even set the temperature! The fish also have a “life expectancy”, so I assume they “die” after a certain amount of time.

Ok so there are some things that aren’t so realistic, such as a clam that gives you free items each day you log in and check it. The other thing you can do is play “Booty Grab” where the fish go nuts and drop coins, which you must collect with your avatar. You can play it in other peoples’ tanks as well, which gives both users gold!

This is my aquarium after Day 1:

Aquarium Day 01

It’s not very exciting yet, but I am thinking I may document changes every few days to make a nice little timelime 🙂

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