Random Pick of the Day

Hi guys,

I’ve been away for a little bit, some of which has to do with my computer’s apparent intolerance for WordPress … so, I am currently writing this post using the “WordPress” app for Android. It is definitely faster to start creating a new post than using my PC, although typing speed is slower than I already am using a keyboard 🙂 Better late than never right? It will be interesting to see the comparison between the post on a phone screen vs the computer screen.

And, to make this post more random I will write some very short movie reviews. I’ve recently been into a movie watching spree for some reason…anyway, here goes (this is my opinion only!) Caution there *may* be spoilers:

Evolution: comedy/action involving alien life arriving on an asteroid and evolving way too rapidly…has its funny and unrealistic/unlikely chemistry with a weird way of defeating the last alien life form.

Shaun of the Dead: zombie apocalypse comedy with a pair of ridiculously oblivious guys. In fact most of the people are stupid in funny and sometimes annoying ways 🙂 The zombies only seem dangerous when the director wants the character to be removed from the set…

How to Train your Dragon: CGI fantasy with Vikings and dragons. Main character is “the worst Viking ever” but makes up for it later on. Has a cliche plot with hiding things, misunderstanding between characters, big boss at end, protagonist nearly dies at end (it is like a Disney film after all) …but, I still enjoyed it very much 🙂

Eight Below: I started from halfway but basically is about an expedition in the mountains, I’m guessing something went wrong and the dogs were left behind. So the main character goes back to find them, and ends happily…it was quite interesting with the dogs helping each other out for 7 months in the snow.

Eragon: action fantasy adventure with nice scenery, CGI and special effects, although it really did feel like I was reading a book at times 😉 It didn’t really have an ending given there is more to the story.

I seem to enjoy movies that don’t always “rate” highly, I guess it’s just down to diversity between us. The other thing is I discovered I can get emotional at even kids movies; in fact I even remember feeling sad watching something when I wasn’t even old enough to really understand the movie.Perhaps we get emotional when certain things relate to things we would like in our lives…

This brings to an end the randomness, as it is now 2 am and I don’t wish to flood you guys with odd things 😉

Take care everyone,

Rennie ♪

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