Volvo 240 – Air Con Bypass / Run Power Steering Direct from Front Crank Pulley

Today I will share with you my experience with moving the power steering pump on the Volvo 240 forward so it can run off the crankshaft pulley and negate the need to use the air conditioning compressor, which mine is not working.

Volvo 240 Power Steer Spacer Air Con Bypass


For the main hinge support, you will need an M8 bolt that is at least 1 inch longer than the standard one. Mine also had a non-threaded section like the stock bolt. To make the spacer I used an M10 nut with some M8 washers as you can see here. The new bolt doesn’t have flanged nuts, etc. so I had to use washers so that the rubber bushing isn’t ruined. I also used a second nut to “lock” the first one in place, since it wasn’t self-locking. The spacing distance ends up somewhere around 3/4 of an inch.

Volvo 240 Power Steer Belt Bosch 253 11A1055


Now that the pump is moved forwards, the adjuster bar will also need to be moved. This one is kind of tricky to install since the bolt head is hidden behind the frame the bolt goes into. I used a 12mm spanner to hold the bolt while using a 13mm geared ring spanner to undo the nut. The bolt only just had enough room to come out. As such, the 1 inch longer replacement had to go in the opposite way, meaning the washer and nut have to be inserted by feel. Be sure to place the adjuster bar and spacer onto the bolt before straining to get that nut on! Removing the pipe between the AMM/MAF and the air box helps. Removing the compressor probably helps even more.

After 3 purchase and refund sessions at Super Cheap Auto, I finally found a belt that fitted – a Bosch 253 11A1055. As the numbers suggest, the belt is 11mm wide and has a “length” of 1055mm. A 13mm wide belt may also work, however it sticks up a little since the power steering pulley is designed for an 11mm belt, whereas the front crank pulley seems to support both sizes.

Volvo 240 Broken Air Con Pipe

The power steering works great and without needing to use the air con compressor pulley! I am going to remove the air con system since it is empty, which I discovered when I pulled a pipe off with ease trying to lift up the compressor. The pipe was corroded and weak at the interface with the nut. All the gas had probably leaked out before I even bought the car.

Well, that’s it for now. I will have to check the nut for the adjuster bar some time, as it was kind of difficult to try to get a locking nut in there…but not impossible.

Take care guys,

Rennie ♪

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