Random Pick of the Day

Rank One in Empire Defense II Arena!!!  (A Tower Defence game with soldiers and hero instead of “towers”) Yes my name in the arena is Kira from way back, and I cannot change it 😉

Kira1 Kira2

I spotted a guy at the top with a relatively low power score at the top of the arena, so I decided to take him down! It was the first time I’d ever been at the top. Usually there is a guy with millions at number one, however the person that used to be there only had a power score in the 900 thousands. Needless to say Chinese symbols man at #2 spent an hour or two tryin gto pop me, but #2 rank is not the way to take #1 as you only get +1 honour for defeating a person one rank above you! The arena is quite confusing for new players, as there are so many different numbers to figure out.


Now, since pictures of the arena screen aren’t super exciting, here is a screenshot from a silly strategy I used. Designed  only to get a high enough power score to defeat my opponent, my hero was going to get hit at wave 20. The units you see here are the elite and expensive soldiers – the Ice Vamp (girl), Zambie Spearman (with the huge yellow blade), and the Ghost Archer with green arrows. I will post an article later on with more details 🙂

Later guys,

Rennie ♪

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