Dark MOFO ‘Spectra’ Device in Hobart

I was waiting to start work the other day and realised there was a column of light in the sky that I hadn’t seen there before! I set out to investigate the source and found this in the Domain area:


This array of what are apparently custom made Xenon lights almost look like an orchestra of sorts, with a mystical spacey sound to go with it. The device named Spectra is part of the Dark MOFO event in Hobart this week, starting on Friday the 14th of June. At least people will know where it is!

As I was leaving, I was amused at the number of people that had also come to investigate the light source… the device was only being tested and as such was fenced off.

Fast forward to Friday and it is raining. The cloud cover means that the Spectra device creates a nice glow as the beam reaches upwards. I managed to get an interesting photo:


Any tree with no leaves can provide a great photo opportunity with the glowing background. Having a proper camera would be beneficial, as is evident in this next shot:


The glow in the clouds was a lot more subtle and textured than what my phone camera could pick up.

Well, there you have it – much interest from what is effectively a lot of big torchlights creating a giant torch that will light up some random spot in the universe millions of years later… no doubt this has already been posted all over the internet, but this is my experience 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it; I’ll write to you all later.

Rennie ♪

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