Random Pick of the Day

Age of Empires – now this is how you play “Tower Defence”!


The only downside is that usually there is only one level that lasts for ages…

On a related note, have you ever seen a wild elephant take out a fully upgraded Juggernaught? Here this elephant was peacefully minding his own business in the middle of the enemy town when some imbecilic boat sails onto the beach and starts launching rocks everywhere. This required action! Normally elephants don’t have a chance vs warships, however this one was crammed onto the shore and the empire commander was looking elsewhere … By the time he returned to the battle, the offending juggernaught had been reduced to fire and rubble, because whacking wood with ivory tusks causes the wood to catch on fire and disintegrate…


The things that happen when you play too much AoE… 😉

Take care guys,

Rennie ♪

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