Kindom Rush – A Tower Defence Game

I started playing Kingdom Rush (a tower defence game) since I didn’t know what else to do; it was quite interesting. You only have a limted number of building sites in which you must place either barracks, archery, mage tower or artillery towers. The barracks produce men which will block the track so that enemies cannot pass until they take out your men.

Kingdom Rush 00

As expected, you start out only being able to upgrade your towers to minimal levels, and the enemies are weak with no abilities. When you progress through the story, new towers and abilities become availalble to you – but the enemy also brings in new, tougher units with varying abilities and resistance to certain types of towers! There are lots of little twists added into the gameplay to keep things moving along. Ocassionally you will have just settled in with upgrading a tower when an enemy will emerge that can get past – happens with flying enemies a lot 😉 You can also choose to use a hero which can level up during a match – this takes 15 stars to use, so you have to decide whether the hero is worth not having the little upgrades – this becomes less significant as you get more stars. You can swap between all upgrades and heroes whenever you wish, save for in the middle of a game!

Getting closer to the end level begins to turn into area damage/chain lightning vs hordes of crap and some tough enemies, however there are still new things to contend with such as bosses that like to disable your towers for a limited time with their powers…

Kingdom Rush 01

They added a console feature where you have to “click” aka button press your way out of the building disablement, which sucks when you have to click 6 buildings 4-5 times in a couple of seconds…

As you get near the end you run into desolate, demonised lands with demon enemies and a demonic final boss who taunts you – sounds familiar? Actually the end boss reminded me a lot of the end boss in Jazz Jackrabbit 2…except this guy isn’t a turtle. Even so it was still fun with things not going on for too long.

Kingdom Rush 03

Note this is not the end level, you’ll have to see for yourself! I played this game on Kongregate, and as such it has “badges” as well as the normal in-game achievements. I don’t think I’ll be grinding to get all the achievements/badges. There are also “premium features” that give you some extra levels and heroes.

All in all it is a fun and unique tower defence game which is kept interesting for the duration of the game. If you have slow internet, beware – the game is 31mb to load!

Take care guys,

Rennie ♪

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