How-To: Quick and Easy way to fix mini Push Button Switches

I recently discovered the push button switch in my doorbell had failed and was stuck in the “on” position. It looked too fiddly to solder out and in, so I tried a quick and easy replacement method by using parts out of another button from a derelict set top box.

Push button switch

First step is to scrap the plastic nodules on each corner with a knife. This should be fairly easy. You can see the nodules on the left side button have been removed. Now you can slide the knife in between the metal plate and the plastic case to lever out the metal plate. Try not to bend the metal plate, so it may be a good idea just to pop out one corner or edge at a time. Be careful not to lose the pieces inside since they will be loose now.

Parts of push button switch

In the picture above you can see the parts from the broken switch on top and the parts from the donor switch below that. The gold coloured disc is the part to be replaced. The other items aren’t likely to fail. The disc goes into the plastic case with it curving outwards like a button. Do not install it so it looks like a bowl because that won’t work!

Next the plastic button is installed – it is fairly obvious which way it goes… The metal plate should now snap over the top and with luck should stay there. If it is bent you will have a few issues with it sitting flat, however, as long as it keeps the plastic button in place it should be fine. I surrounded the edge with glue to make sure it stayed on. Try not to let the glue get into the internals, especially if you’re using super glue!

Fixed push button

Here is the fixed button; it should serve quite well. Ironically the old disc worked in the donor switch so I’m not exactly sure why the red one failed. The other issue for me is that the doorbell still doesn’t work; I’m guessing the chip underneath the board got fried since the circuit was “always on” for too long! So much for getting a cheap doorbell – the cheaper one from the variety store probably would have lasted longer!

Hopefull this will help those of you who cannot solder or don’t wish to attempt to de-solder the button – it can be quite tricky trying to melt the solder for both legs with lots of micro components on the board.

Take care guys,

Rennie ♪

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