How to Turn a Recliner into an Office Chair

I recently bought a second hand recliner to replace my derelict computer chair, however the recliner is not conducive to getting it into and out of the best position in front of the desk. I found another chair with a rotatable base and a square piece of plyboard and set out to give some extra motion to the recliner.


The rotatable base I removed from the other chair.


It was fairly easy to line up the base with the plywood which happened to be the perfect size for this application.


The plywood also came with some good wood screws which were previously being used to fasten a short beam to the plywood.

rotatable base

The only thing I had to do was drill four holes and screw the base into the plywood!

Turn recliner into office chair

The recliner fits nicely on top and now I can sit closer to my desk as well as being able to get out of the chair easily because I can rotate to the side! Because the rotating base also had a lean-back spring, the setup is overly springy – I will need to fix the base so that it doesn’t rock. I will also add some wooden blocks to the base so that the recliner stays firm on the base but can easily be removed if necessary.

An added bonus of this setup is that the recliner is now at a decent height so it doesn’t feel like I’m getting into a sports car every time I want to sit at my desk! With some wheels added to the base, the recliner office chair will be complete and will be one of the best computer chairs around – for a very small fraction of the price of a new chair! I’m using it right now to type this article and it is very comfortable. 🙂

Take care guys,

Rennie ♪

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