Random Pick of the Day – Damn Centurions!

Random Pick of the Day - Damn Centurions! 01

It happens every time I choose Egyptian – I send in a bunch of chariots and they all get killed by a few centurions… Now, I could just use my long ranged priests and convert them, but there is something more satisfying about this method 😉

Random Pick of the Day - Damn Centurions! 02

Oh, and when they run out of gold, they still try to attack me by making crap archers when there are strong enemy units right next to their archery range. These guys are so infamous now that I even changed the language file in the game so that they are actually called Crap Archers! If you hover your mouse over that button, don’t say I didn’t warn you – it clearly states that clicking the button trains a Crap Archer 😉

I think the comical animations and sounds combined with the silly AI is what makes this game still enjoyable after so many years. Every unit seems to move casually (nothing runs or gallops) and then proceeds to do a funny dance when they come within close proximity of an enemy unit. They then die in sometimes physics defying ways such as horses rearing backwards and throwing the rider in the opposite direction they were riding in, all because they got hit with an arrow from behind!

If you don’t get some of the “Age of Empires” jargon in this post, and it’s all seeming a little random, well, I guess that is the point of my daily rambling!


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