Random Pick of the Day – View Through an Edge

Random Pick of the Day - View Through an Edge

If you look at it just right, the space between two faces of a glass desktop, window or mirror creates an almost ethereal landscape with an endless horizon. It is almost like a deserted, desolate place that is also strangely calming. There are no people, landmarks or existance of anything else except you and the strange, soft and glowing light. Done in a quiet place, it is almost transfixing if you’re in an open mood.

You can change the light scenery by placing objects on top of the glass surface or changing the way light falls onto the face of the glass. You could even shine additional light through another edge to create a more intense feeling. The thicker the piece of glass, the more immersive the “landscape” is. Too long of a distance between the two edges and the horizon will diminish.

Or you may look at it and think it is just a piece of glass with things on top. Besides that you would also look odd staring into panes of glass if you should choose to do this in public…

Should you wish to use your imagination, you can leave all the troubles of the Earth and your current life and go to a place where there is nothing but you and your thoughts. Soon enough you won’t have to worry about anything – afterall, there is no work to be done, nothing to entertain you aside from the distant glow and your own self, no one to hear you scream, no one to hear you sing…

If you upsized your piece of glass to the size of a bus with a thickness of 30cm then you could sit back while enjoying the view, not to mention the exciting lighting possibilities! For now you’ll have to leave your computer chair and kneel on the ground or press yourself up against the wall. Quite an odd relaxation activity, but we’re here to be random are we not? 😉

Rennie ♪

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