Random Pick of the Day – Ripples in the Sky (+ “InPaint” Software)

Random Pick of the Day - Ripples in the Sky

An unusual cloud formation I happened to come accross one afternoon – it only lasted for about 10 minutes before it dissipated back to normal, so I was outside at the right time! As for being in the right place, well there were powerlines all over the picture, however I managed to remove them using a program called “InPaint”. Unfortunately the demo won’t let you save *any* pictures, so the image is only what could fit on the screen – I could have made it zoom 100% and printscreen/paste the pieces together, however lining up clouds is horrible…you get it right somewhere but it is wrong somewhere else.

I would suggest to the creators of the software – allow the user to save 1 or 2 images in the demo; state this in a pop up on first run. It sucks to do 20 minutes of work to discover you cannot save the image.

Also, it needs to be able to connect two points with a line by holding Shift and clicking, similar to most image editing programs. Afterall, powerlines are generally approximated well by multiple straight lines changing in angle, and would greatly speed up selection of unwanted objects.

As for the results – it works almost flawlessly on sky and clouds – hardly a trace there were ever powerlines present, however it struggles more when there are more complex textures with high contrast like tree branches against a bright sky. You can see where the line was if you look closely. The bigger the image to begin with, the better you can hide the flaws when you down-size it later on!

I’m glad I found this program, otherwise I would have spent an hour or more in GIMP with the clone tool, which doesn’t work as well – I’m not too experienced with techniques 😉

Rennie ♪

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