Random Pick of the Day – Fun Little Oddities in the System…

During my browsing, I came accross a few weird things which can make for some interesting pranks and events – and you can’t officially get in trouble because “there is no rule” saying you cannot do these things. Here’s just a few:

• You can lose your car/vehicle licence for riding a bicycle while over the BAC limit of 0.05, however when your licence is suspended, you can still ride your bicycle on the roads without getting into trouble!

• A horse is considered a “vehicle” but you can probably still ride the horse once you’ve lost your licence for “operating a vehicle while drunk”.

• A camel is not considered a vehicle so that means you could ride around drunk, run through red lights and not lose your vehicle licence (you may get in trouble for other things).

• People complain about you parking in “their” spot when it in fact an all day parking area with no restrictions. So what does one person do? He buys a crap car and leaves in the parking spot all day – it’s registered and roadworthy, so nothing can “legally” be done to it…the story is here. The fun starts about page 8 or 9 😉

I wouldn’t recommend doing this to your neighbours though…

• There is a story somewhere on the internet about people turning a car into a “bicycle” and getting away with it because it was no longer a “motor vehicle” since it was completely human propelled 🙂

It would be fun to do pranks of these sorts of things, however I think I will stay with exploiting computer game mechanics since you don’t make as many enemies or get into trouble!

Little update: I find it odd that you have to approve your own posts linking to other posts in your own blog…

Rennie ♪

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