ASMR – Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

I’ve just found out this feeling actually has a name! I’ve noticed this tingling feeling in my scalp and spine even when I was very young, and stumbled across this article while looking for (you guessed it!) “whisper videos”. Well, actually, I like the softly spoken ones better 🙂 I discovered these “videos” when I was looking for relaxation audio, however I think once I heard the first one, I instinctively went after the ASMR triggers… I found it quite funny the way they describe what these people do and how “crinkling plastic bags” seems to be a common theme in these videos!

Apparently not everyone experiences this – I think I’ve found this out when certain people don’t react to “triggers”, though I wonder if perhaps they just experience this as something that isn’t “noticeable”.

Another thing I don’t do is actually “watch” the videos, as seeing the person changes the feeling. Part of this is because I am generally shy of people while the rest involves the “first impressions” and categorisation of the person’s personality, looks, behaviour and stupid little things I notice that other people wouldn’t give a second thought (or even a first!). The side effects of being shy – I learned to try and figure people out without talking or interacting with them… I’ve become quite practised at this – it doesn’t always work out but I can generally pick out people I won’t like or who “aren’t my type”. I really should interact more with people!  Anyway, that is another topic 😉

Edit: I find it quite amusing the things people can get enjoyment and relaxation from…just check out some of the videos! Who would have thought… 🙂

Do you have any ASMR experiences you would like to share?

Rennie ♪

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