The Reason Behind Creating Things on the Internet

The unfortunate truth rarely seen when many reach out for others via the only medium that feels comfortable…Sometimes (a lot of the time) the music invokes emotional feeling that cannot be explained by words. It is not the first time I have “serenaded” at dawn to the world, to anyone who may be listening…sleeping and I will regain composure until I soar upon the silent wings of dawn once again. The ground below can be seen but the sky above is endless; this is how far I have come although I will never rest upon the ground even if I brush my toes upon its enveloping grass. Occasionally the ground disappears to be replaced by clouds and endless skies; this is where we wish to be, always having something to strive for but not falling so low as to crash to the Earth, never to return. Under the endless sunshine and blue sky, I will cry out “I’m still alive” once more…

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