Rennie’s Shipyard v1.00

Here are some ships I sketched, some are not fully complete but it is concept art ;p Inspired by the game FreeSpace 2, Star Conflict and numerous other spacey sci-fi movies and images 😉 Half these ships actually started out with a tiny “I’m bored” sketch that isn’t bigger than your thumb!

Frigate, Disintegon

Frigate – Disintegon class


Sempitern Phantom

Sempitern Phantom (Big class ship!)


Devil Corvette

Devil Corvette


Fringaeon - Meridian Voyager

Fringaeon class Destroyer – Meridian Voyager – Flagship, Exploration



Pillavergr class Destroyer/Corvette



Agive class Fighter



Exemantyr class Destroyer

Rennie ♪


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